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Just wrote a 81 word, 6 line long sentence. Examiners reading my dissertation don’t need to breath, right?

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Hot Choc ended up cancelled last night. The 50 mph winds had something to do with it as they blew our jug of hot chocolate round the table and began to knock Theo over …

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Discovers pagan author writing last chapter of dissertation about has not in fact named his work “True Doctrine”, but “True Logos”

Gets much too excited!

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Liturgy, it’s okay, but it’s lacking the reggae beat I’m looking for …
What comes out when I Skype Pierre.

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A shower is coming

Every time I’ve gone into the bathroom today someone else has taken a shower! I suspect that having our house at double capacity has resulted in the shower queue extending all the way from this morning to this evening. I have images of people listening at the bedroom doors along the corridor, waiting for their moment to dart in and claim the bathroom for themselves.

It is now almost 2100 and I reckon the last shower was about an hour ago …

I wonder if it’s my turn yet?

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By the waters

I go outside to get on my bike.

Cue: Torrential rain.

Phone decides to laugh at my predicament and play songs with such lyrics as “there is a river” and “you may be in water so deep you’re drowning.” Meanwhile, I try to keep my head above the water line in the puddles I’m crossing, and attempt to be thankful that I pumped my tyres up enough this morning that my bike should be able to float if it comes down to it.

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Laid up in store

Wow, suddenly my essay seems exciting. I’m writing about the ancient horrea that can be found beneath Saint Clemente’s church in Rome …

… I stress seems. As it turns out, a ‘horrea’ is actually a kind of warehouse :/

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