Weeks 4-6: And life got weirder …


Week 1 at World Horizons


Prep-Week at World Horizons


As I write, I’m lying on a Travel Lodge bed, ready to head off to the World Horizons’ training centre, for three-and-a-bit (definitely a real number) months of missionary training, utterly convinced that this time I have forgotten something really important.

My paranoia is only compounded y the fact that I’ve brought with me about 100 less bags than usual and I keep putting the few things I have brought in the wrong bag.

Oh well, I’m sure everything important is here …


For those who missed this on Facebook, yup me and my friends did spend the last few weeks of term building a Dalek!


Crafty plans

My experience of building a cardboard Dalek over the last three weeks …

  • Base - fun
  • Shoulders - difficult
  • Head - fiddly
  • 48 papier mache half spheres - evil
  • Putting spare sellotape in each other’s hair - foolish.


Feel like I haven’t been treating my bike very well as of late.

The other week I was cycling over a bridge and my pedals fell off. Only yesterday I realised that I’d let my tyres get so flat that the metal rim of my wheels was essentially scraping the road.

Hmmn. This definitely could be anything to do with the fact that I’m skimming on paying for its repairs …


A holiday

I’ve been away at the Oakes for the last few days (hence the most recent quiet spell). It was amazing fun helping with the kids work and immensely spiritually refreshing (if physically draining).

While there though I did manage to do a couple of rather worrying things. I’m sure my friends who were with me would agree that the most worry thing I managed to do was smack myself in the eye with a mop handle. Then again, they weren’t there on the last day when I managed to get a Henry vacuum nozzle stuck to the wall. The hoover’s whine slowly started to increase in pitch as it tried to suck up the in entire wall.

Pretty sure that it was a miracle it didn’t explode on me …

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